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2 areas of the Los Angeles Lakers roster that could become a problem – Lakeshow Life

Los Angeles Lakers

Daniel Dunn-USA TODAY Sports – Los Angeles Lakers

The Los Angeles Lakers roster is much different for this upcoming season than it was last season. Last season’s roster was much different than the year before that. Despite winning the championship less than a year ago, the Lakers have seen plenty of changes.

It is not usual for a contending team to see that many changes in that short of a span but that is the result of a wonky NBA schedule as well as the situation the Lakers are in. LeBron James and Anthony Davis take up most of the salary and the team has to filter between various role-players year after year.

The Lakers restricted themselves to mostly minimum signings after they traded three role players from last year’s team for Russell Westbrook.

Despite the financial hurdles, Rob Pelinka crafted a pretty solid team. The Lakers are fairly deep and they are the bonafide favorites to win the NBA Championship in the Western Conference.

However, the Los Angeles Lakers are far from perfect.

There are two areas of the Los Angeles Lakers roster that could become concerns next season. Spoiler alert: age is not one of them and we will explain why that is the case when we break down the areas of strength on the Lakers roster.

Today, we look at the potential areas of weakness and there are two things to remain wary of before the season gets underway.

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