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20 Years Later, Eminem Is Still Cloning Himself – Vulture

It’s been 20 years since Eminem politely requested that the real Slim Shady please stand up and this time he is not messing around with these clones. Eminem emptied out his ideas notebook on the music video for “Godzilla,” which, yes, since you were clearly about to ask, does include human-size Godzillas walking alongside the rapper. We say that like it’s normal, but it actually is the most predictable thing to happen in this four-minute music video, directed by Cole Bennett from Lyrical Lemonade. Stuck in a Mad Libs world full of his clones, the rapper hunts himself down, killing different versions of himself in as many ways as possible until there is only one. He may be revisiting the past, but at least he didn’t bring a bunch of Eminems to the Oscars this year, like he did for the 2000 MTV VMAs. We already had our hands full with Elsas. For an emotional pivot, the “Godzilla” video is also dedicated to the late rapper Juice WRLD, who’s featured on the track. The 21-year-old, born Jarad Higgins, died of an accidental overdose in December. “You will be here forever,” the video reads at the end, as a recording of Juice WRLD speaking plays. “Thank you for changing the wrld.”

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