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Alleged Intel 12th Generation Core Pricing Leaked; i9-12900K to cost 741€ – guru3d.com

A  leaked document is disclosing retail channel costs for 12th Gen Core desktop CPUs, the top-of-the-line Intel 12th Gen Core “Alder Lake-S” 8+8 (Power+Energy) cores processor is to cost 741€ including taxes, the highest-end Intel 12th Gen Core processor. 

The i9-12900KF, which is GPU disabled, would be available for 708€. (including all applicable taxes).

  • The Core i7-12700K, which has 8+4 (P+E) cores but does not include Thermal Velocity Boost, will cost up to 524€ and has 8+4 cores (incl taxes). Its “KF” version will be approximately 20€ less expensive.
  • The Core i5-12600K processor, which has six P-cores and four E-cores, is available for as little as 365€. The i5-12600KF, which is bereft of an integrated graphics processor, will sell for 333€.

Intel is scheduled to introduce its 12th Generation Core desktop processors, as well as compatible Socket LGA1700 motherboards, in Q4-2021, on the heels of the introduction of Windows 11. The initial wave of processors is likely to consist solely of unlocked K or KF parts, with locked processors expected to arrive in early Q1-2022, with the second wave of processors following in early Q1-2022, likely after or during CES.

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