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Android Auto Broken Down on Samsung Galaxy S21, Weird Fix Found – autoevolution

Galaxy S21 is Samsung’s latest and greatest smartphone, yet this isn’t by any means a guarantee everything is working just as expected.

And Android Auto users know this very well, as the Galaxy S21 seems to be struggling when plugged into a head unit just like so many other phones out there.

More specifically, users are complaining that running Android Auto with a Galaxy S21 doesn’t work, simply because the connection isn’t detected and the app doesn’t start. Others claim that once the smartphone is connected to the head unit, it automatically reboots, and the same behavior is encountered every single time.

Just got the new Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra and I am having the same issues. Android Auto works on my old phone which was the S10 but the new one just keeps coming up reading USB then nothing. I use Android Auto for work and for it to not work is frustrating. Needs sorting as it must be some problem with the software as I have had no problems before,” one user says.

And while Google and Samsung have so far remained tight-lipped on everything related to this problem, one user has found a workaround that somehow brings things back to normal.

It’s the same fix we told you about earlier this week and which corrects a major Android Auto bug: removing the latest Chrome update fixes the Galaxy S21 connection problems for some users as well.

Many believe the culprit is Android 11, which Galaxy S21 ships pre-loaded with, and in this case, Google is the only one that can bring things back to normal. At the time of writing, however, a workaround that just does the trick for absolutely all users out there doesn’t seem to exist, so everyone is now hoping the search giant would step in and help deal with the problem in the next Android Auto update due in a few days.

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