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Beastie Boys talk hip-hop, ‘Paul’s Boutique’ on ‘Tonight Show’ – UPI News

April 10 (UPI) — The Beastie Boys, consisting of Mike D and Adrock, appeared on The Tonight Show to discuss their storied career and their upcoming Apple TV+ documentary, titled Beastie Boys Story.

Host Jimmy Fallon was joined by fellow Beastie Boys superfan Questlove for the interview, with the duo expressing their love for Mike D and Adrock.

The Beastie Boys talked about how the iconic group was formed and when they first fell in love with hip-hop.

“Growing up in New York it was always around so we kind of always loved it since it came downtown for me at least. Once rap got on the radio, I remember my brother and I hearing ‘Rapper’s Delight’ and being like, What is this?” Adrock said.

“You know when you’re a teenager like you couldn’t be interested in anything else because that was the first music we heard that was completely new, revolutionary, just exciting beyond anything,” Mike D said.

Questlove asked the Beastie Boys why they downplayed their 1989 album Paul’s Boutique in the documentary, stating that it is a beloved and influential album.

“We left it all on the floor. We put every idea that we had into that record. Every sample everything that we thought was funny to each other,” Mike D said and explained that despite the hard work, Paul’s Boutique was not a big seller when it was released.

“It’s funny to us that years later there’s a lot of people who love it and talk about how it affected them,” he continued.

Beastie Boys Story will be released on Apple TV+ on April 24.

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