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Dara combines her fun side with her chic fashion sense in ‘Allure’ – allkpop

Dara posed for a photoshoot combining fun and chic in ‘Allure‘ magazine’s May issue!

Pulling off sleek business professional style pieces, Dara charmed with her dynamic poses and expressions, and added during her interview, “We didn’t particularly have a lot of photoshoots during 2NE1 promotions, so all photoshoot opportunities are rarities to me. I would love to take part in photoshoots often.”

The singer also talked about her upcoming musical debut in ‘Another Miss Oh‘. She said, “I was a big fan of the original drama. I especially loved the OST ‘Like a Dream‘ sung by Ben and Seo Hyun Jin. I wanted to try singing that song on stage too. I absolutely couldn’t say no to this musical.” 

Check out Dara’s previews cuts in the latest issue of ‘Allure’ below. 

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