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Drake Roasts Sophia Body for Not Having ‘Sh*t Going,’ Sophia Claps Back – Complex

Drake has been using this period of self-isolation to become more active on social media than he’s been in the past. This includes trolling people who have previously tried to send shots at him.

On Wednesday, Drake took aim at Love & Hip Hop star and fellow Torontonian, Sophia Body. After spotting Body in a post about Tory Lanez’s Quarantine Radio, Drake hopped into an interaction between her and a fan. The fan claims to have met Body on the 4 train heading back to The Bronx. This prompted Drake to assure the user that they’ll have another chance to meet her because she’ll be on public transit for the foreseeable future.

“don’t worry she’ll be there for 20+ more years same seat,” Drake wrote. “you’ll catch her one day she ain’t got shit going.”

Body caught wind of the comment and responded by calling Drake “corny.” She continued, “Like what grown ass multi-millionaire… billionaire is gonna keep addressing me? He keeps addressing me! But I’m not doing shit. If I wasn’t doing shit you’d forget about me, right? If I wasn’t doing shit, one would forget about me… but he’s still ‘@ing’ me. Like I don’t get it.”

This may seem like a stray bullet, but the jab actually proves how long Drake’s memory really is. In 2018, she took to Instagram where she claimed that Drake stole Young Thug’s flow on Scorpion‘s “Mob Ties.” Drake responded in her DMs by calling her a “bitter fucking weirdo” who is “begging and reaching as usual.”

Yet, things didn’t begin there. In 2015, Body did a VLAD TV interview during which she claimed that Drake’s OVO Fest stole the spotlight from Toronto’s Caribana. Although this may seem like she’s sticking up for her hometown, Body also said that she “hates” the “slow and boring” city in the same interview. 

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