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ESPN moves up premiere date of ’90s Chicago Bulls docuseries, so maybe Michael Jordan can save us – The A.V. Club

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The world is in a dire place these days, and if there’s one thing that might be able to pull us together and get us through this dark period, it’s a hero. Someone who can fly through the air with their tongue hanging out and just straight-up space jam on some fools. Apparently ESPN agrees, because it has announced that it will be releasing its Michael Jordan and Chicago Bulls documentary series The Last Dance a few months early. This comes from The Wrap, which says The Last Dance—which is specifically about Jordan’s last season with the Bulls and the end of the team’s championship dynasty—was originally supposed to air in June, but it will now run for five weeks starting on April 19.

ESPN even acknowledged that it’s doing this to give everyone something to rally around, saying in a statement that was “able to accelerate the production schedule” of The Last Dance to give everyone a “unifying entertainment experience” to fill the hole left by the absence of real live sports. And, at the risk of showing our pro-Chicago bias, is there a better choice for something like this than the Jordan-era Bulls? The only people who can’t get behind something like this are Mr. Swackhammer and his Monstars. Everyone else should be able to recognize that the Jordan-era Bulls were and are the best.

The Last Dance, which features interviews with Jordan, Scottie Pippen, Dennis Rodman, Phil Jackson, some other sports people who aren’t those four guys, and non-sports people like Barack Obama, Justin Timberlake, and Carmen Electra, was directed by Jason Hehir—of 30 For 30‘s “The ‘85 Bears” episode and HBO’s Andre The Giant documentary. You can see a trailer below, followed by Donna Summer’s “Last Dance,” because they decided to give this docuseries that name and now it’s stuck in our head.

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