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Etro’s Fall/Winter 2021 Collection is Full of New Ornaments for Menswear – Etro Fall/Winter 2021 Men’s – L’Officiel

The new stylistic codes proposed by the Etro, in fact, unhinge the occasions of use with a sense of freedom: the barriers between daywear and nightwear disappear, maintaining an active and free dialogue between function and aesthetics. The blazers carry details taken from the uniforms of gentlemen officers and dressing gown coats are combined over colorful anoraks enriched by the Italian fashion house’s paisley motifs. Looks are made up of recycled knitwear pullovers and shirts with collars in archivL fabrics originally designed for linings, while Etro’s Pegaso logo becomes the graphic protagonist applied to bomber jackets and maxi sweatshirts. Loungewar clothing is reconsidered with piping edges that surround the shirts while the jackets are made with fabrics taken from Etro furnishings. A men’s wardrobe with a cheeky attitude, mohair and virgin wool knitwear vests in iridescent colors, printed denim trousers contrasted with traditional sartorial elegance. The search for the new decoration continues, this time with small compound leather accessories, belts, bags, and card holders that become the new ornaments for the contemporary man.

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