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Facebook is hosting a virtual GDC for Oculus VR titles – Engadget

Facebook says you can expect to hear the earliest details on new experiences coming to popular titles like Pistol Whip and Beat Saber. You’ll also hear more about The Room VR: A Dark Matter, Lies Beneath and other titles that will be available on the Quest in the coming weeks. On the last day of the event, Facebook is also giving you access to three workshop videos featuring new and upcoming VR developer tools, as well as insider tips and techniques, for the Oculus platform.

It’s not entirely clear if the event will feature videos you can stream. The company wants you to keep an eye on the Oculus blog, though, so it might be a series of posts instead. Facebook also has something planned for Facebook Gaming on March 24th, but it didn’t elaborate on what it’s about — we’ll just have to wait for the company to reveal more details.

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