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Fashion Friday Inspo: Eudoxie Bridges, Parisian chic – The Standard

(Instagram: @eudoxie)

This week’s Fashion Friday Inspo is the super-hot wife to rapper and actor Ludacris, Eudoxie (Eh-dox-ee) Bridges. The Gabonese native has a wardrobe to die for and she practically never goes when it comes to fashion.

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Eudoxie’s style can be described as ‘Parisian chic’. Parisian fashion is simple, effortless and sexy. Parisians follow the rule of “less is more” from the colours worn to their makeup and jewellery.

The 33-year-old wife and mother is from the French-speaking Central-African country of Gabon, hence the reason why her style is heavily influenced by Parisian fashion. Eudoxie shows us how to make a bold fashion statement even when doing the absolute least.

When it comes to accessorizing, Parisians sometimes add a hat to make a simple statement without exaggerating (Instagram: @eudoxie)
Plain white tees and jeans are Parisian staples (Instagram: @eudoxie)
Parisian looks are stylish and relaxed, such as these mum jeans paired with sexy boots (Instagram: @eudoxie)
Over accessorizing is a Parisian fashion faux pas. Less is more (Instagram: @eudoxie)
Comfort is key if you want to look like a French style icon (Instagram: @eudoxie)
When picking an outfit, a subtle pop of colour completes the look (Instagram: @eudoxie)
Parisian fashion may be plain for the most part but adding a sensual piece of clothing to a basic outfit can elevate it (Instagram: @eudoxie)

(Images: Instagram – @eudoxie

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