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Fashion Greats at Home: Phillip Lim Is Looking Forward to Reconciliation in 2021 – Vanity Fair

Like most creative industries, the fashion industry has taken a huge hit during the coronavirus pandemic—and some of the biggest names in fashion are no exception. With a new year beginning and the end of the pandemic in sight, Vanity Fair is catching up with 12 fashion greats, as they recommend their go-to items for quarantine, and their hopes for the year to come.

Though it was a year without red carpets or traditional fashion shows, Phillip Lim kept busy in 2020, launching his LIVE FREE collection, “a new collection of antibacterial essentials defined by the present and designed for our new collective reality.” The collection uses Fuze Biotech, which is sustainability produced, antibacterial technology, protecting against bacteria and accelerating the cooling and drying process. The collection is “Designed in the now, for the now,” marrying performance-inspired fabrication with fashion-forward silhouettes.

As 2021 begins, Lim says, he’s looking forward to “a time of reconciliation and reparation for America.” And while he’s spending more time at home, like the rest of us, he’s finding joy in everything from the Yves Klein coffee table that birthed his LIVE FREE collection to an Hermes swing with a personal connection.

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