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Find Balance With the Yin-Yang Trend Taking Over 2021 Fashion – Yin-Yang Sign Fashion Accessories – L’Officiel

The principle of Yin and Yang in Chinese Taoism philosophy is of two opposite forces, black and white, that perfectly complement each other, like the sun and moon. According to the concept, the universe is governed by a cosmic duality, with the Yin’s inward and still energy represented by the dark, and the Yang’s positivity and brightness signified by the light.

Like other meaningful symbols that have been appropriated into fashion—crosses, peace signs, etc.—the Yin-Yang sign has become a ubiquitous emblem. It was particularly popular in hippie fashion and then again with the ’90s grunge wave.

Now, the black and white symbol has returned, rapidly becoming a favorite trend amongst fashion girls in fun, new ways. From bags to colorful rings and even shoes, check out these cool, must-have Yin-Yang accessories to rock this year.

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