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‘Fortnite’ Skye Loyalty Challenge: Where To Find Shadow Ollie In Weeping Woods – Forbes

Chapter 2, Season 2 of Fortnite: Battle Royale has been one of my very favorite seasons. I love the spy theme. I love the Battle Pass characters and the fact that once you complete enough challenges, you can unlock new skin-styles for most of them.

Even the ones that don’t have this option, like Peely and Maya, have unlockable styles. Peely has different styles that you unlock throughout the Battle Pass, while Maya has her own specific missions that allow you to fully customize her.

This week is the second of Skye’s Adventure challenges. Once you complete 18 of these, you can choose to have go with GHOST or SHADOW, unlocking one of these skins permanently—but only one.

In order to unlock Skye’s SHADOW skin you’ll need to find the Shadow version of her hat, Ollie, in Weeping Woods. Here’s where:

Shadow Ollie will be hovering in the air outside the lodge. Simply go up and interact with the hat and you’ll transform into Shadow Skye.

To transform instead into Ghost Skye, read our guide here.

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