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Gen Z fashion: photos from YouTube, TikTok convention show new trends – Insider – INSIDER

  • More than 13,000 Gen Z-ers gathered at the YouTube and TikTok convention Playlist Live in Orlando, Florida at the end of February to meet their favorite influencers, hang out with friends, and make content.
  • Not unlike their favorite featured creators, many Playlist Live attendees took the opportunity to show off their style, transforming the Marriott resort into an Instagram runway.
  • The biggest fashion trends at Playlist Live were the color neon green, colored hair, statement jewelry, ripped clothes, e-girl and e-boy aesthetics, and acrylic nails.
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There’s almost no better place to view the wide range of wild Gen Z fashion trends than Playlist Live, a YouTube (and now TikTok) convention in Orlando, Florida that drew more than 13,000 influencer-obsessed fans. 

At Playlist, the featured YouTube and TikTok creators pulled out their most eye-catching looks to do panels, meet fans, and attend exclusive after-parties. But their fans were there to impress, too. You couldn’t walk five feet without running into someone’s TikTok frame, and the styles worn by the Playlist attendees reflected the aesthetics that go viral on TikTok, thanks to this generation’s internet celebrities

Many Playlist attendees are looking to maximize their own social media career potential, and most of them had TikTok pages, Instagram accounts, YouTube channels, and more. Here’s a taste of how they dressed to impress. 

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