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How Cardi B’s Coronavirus Rant Got Remixed and Became an Actual Song – Vogue

Nobody can cut cleanly to the heart of a situation quite like Cardi B, even if said situation is a global pandemic. Last week, the rapper posted her perspective on the coronavirus pandemic to Instagram, admitting “I’m a little scared,” and reminding those who might think they’re immune that “your pocket ain’t.”

Her worries were relatable for anyone feeling at sea during this uncertain time: “Coronavirus! Coronavirus! I’m telling you, shit is real! Shit is getting real!” Cardi B proclaimed before striding off camera while murmuring, “Bitch, I’m scared.” Now, those memorable words have been remixed into a bona fide song, thanks to the efforts of Brooklyn-based DJ iMarkkeyz.

As of this week, the remix had not only hit iTunes and Apple Music, but had also managed to ascend to No. 37 on iTunes overall. DJ Snake has released yet another remix of Cardi B’s rant, and Cardi herself has weighed in:

“My first goal was for people to enjoy it,” DJ iMarkkeyz told the New York Times. “My other goal was to show Cardi that she has people who love her to death just by being herself. With all this happening, it shows the impact that Cardi has on everyone all across the world.”

Cardi B has always shared her opinions about current affairs, as when she threw her support in the 2020 presidential race behind Bernie Sanders, so it’s not surprising that she would weigh in on COVID-19; while her comments aren’t as soothing as, say, Tom Hanks’s Instagram updates, it’s weirdly refreshing to hear a celebrity acknowledge just how frightening and anxiety-provoking this pandemic really is. At least we know we’re not alone.

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