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Israel Adesanya reveled in Jon Jones’ arrest with a series of memes – MMA Junkie

Israel Adesanya saw Jon Jones’ mess-up coming, but that doesn’t “meme” he can’t rub it in.

It’s no secret that Adesanya isn’t Jones’ biggest fan and vice versa, as the two UFC champions have had numerous spats despite not being in the same weight class.

But after news of Jones’ arrest on multiple charges emerged Thursday, Adesanya couldn’t help it and, typically, expressed himself through various memes showing just how much pleasure he’s taken in Jones’ latest pitfall.

Don’t kick a man when he’s down …

And the memes kept coming. He also mocked Jones’ post just days before his arrest about not messing up while in quarantine during the coronavirus outbreak.

Testify!! *catches holy ghost*

And one more jab toward Jones, this time about him being a man of faith.

Leave Morgan outta this one ol’ buddy ol’ pal.

Middleweight champ Adesanya has expressed interest in moving up in weight to face light heavyweight champ Jones, even willing to go all the way up to heavyweight, but not after he’s done clearing out the 185-pound division.

The two haven’t stopped talking smack and trading barbs, but this one likely won’t be settled until they meet in the cage.

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