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Jameis Winston on being replaced by Tom Brady: ‘I guess that’s kudos to me’ – Boston.com

In the past, when someone has said of Jameis Winston, “He can really spin it,” that’s generally been in reference to his skill at throwing a football. Winston showed Wednesday that he can also spin an otherwise awkward situation when he said that he deserved “kudos” for having been replaced as Buccaneers quarterback by Tom Brady.

Winston’s reasoning appeared to be that since Brady is considered by many to be the greatest of all time, that means only a quarterback of the highest quality could be sufficient to push Winston out of his starting job in Tampa Bay.

The episode unfolded during an appearance on Fox News to promote a toll-free hotline (844-TEST-COVID) for those with questions about the novel coronavirus. Discussing it along with his partner in the venture, Florida-based general surgeon Scott Kelley, Winston was eventually asked by host Ed Henry to comment on Brady and where he himself might play next.

“Well, one thing you can learn about me is my faith. I have tremendous faith in my Lord,” Winston replied. “And one thing about Tom Brady is that it’s understood that he is the GOAT.

“And for you to get replaced by Tom Brady in a city that you love so much, I guess that’s kudos to me.”

Say this much for Winston: If he shows this much composure and creativity in the pocket going forward, he might just get another starting job in the NFL.

As it is, he is a free agent who will likely have to wait at this point until after this month’s draft – assuming that manages to go as planned – before latching on with a team. Even then, Winston could have to settle for a backup role, despite coming off a season in which his 5,109 passing yards led the NFL.

Unfortunately for the No. 1 overall pick in 2015, his 30 interceptions also led the league. After five years in which his inconsistent play contributed to a 28-42-0 record in games Winston started, the team appeared hesitant to bring him back even before Brady hit the market.

While he remains in professional limbo, Winston has kept busy getting LASIK surgery and posting photos of himself working out. In addition to discussing the coronavirus hotline Wednesday, he shared details of his recent wedding to Breion Allen, his longtime girlfriend and the mother of their young son.

Winston said of the wedding, which reportedly took place last month at their home in Odessa, Florida, on March 27, that it featured a “very limited” guest list as a safety measure amid the pandemic. He noted that he and Allen exchanged their vows while standing in a swimming pool, and he claimed with a smile, “From my knowledge, chlorine does help prevent the spread of coronavirus.”

During the interview, Winston quickly pivoted back to his hotline, which he touted as providing assistance to people “from the easy access of their own homes.”

Earlier in the segment, the 26-year-old Winston pointed to how hard the pandemic has hit the African-American community, as well as the community in and around his hometown of Bessemer, Alabama. “I just really believe it’s because of the resources that they lack, whether it’s the local hospitals or different machines,” he said in explaining his motivation to try to help.

After the conversation turned to his current situation in the NFL, Winston said, “At the end of the day, it’s a competitive sport. We’re all in the business.

“I’m excited for whatever opportunity may hold, and eventually I’m going to have to play the Tom Bradys, the Patrick Mahomeses and all the other great quarterbacks,” he continued. “That’s how you win Super Bowls, and that’s what I want.”

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