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Karan Johars mom ‘assaults his fashion choices, asking him to ‘reinvent himself – The News International

Karan Johar’s mom ‘assaults’ his fashion choices, asking him to ‘reinvent’ himself

Karan Johar’s kids Yash and Rohi, alongside his mom Hiroo recently took a funny jab at his fashion sense for having too many black and blingy pieces in his wardrobe.

In the video posted to Instagram, they can be heard commenting on what they feel should be Karan Johar’s iconic looks.

The producer captioned his post, writing, “Well the assault on my fashion continues! It’s now a family intervention! My apologies in advance to the very sharp @gucci (no idea where that came from) #lockdownwiththejohars.”

In the video, Karan begins by asking his daughter Rohi, “Roohi, dada is very upset. Yash said I should wear simpler clothes. What do you think?” after mulling over his question for a bit, her brother cuts her off saying, “No wear Gucci!”

Roohi quickly lights up at that comment, and begins egging her dad on after Yash calls Gucci “very sharp.” Karan appeared rather amused by his children’s thoughts but turns to his mother for her take on his sartorial choices as well.

His mother ends the playful banter with a  playful and mic-drop statement, saying, “I feel you are wearing too much black, too much bling. Well, in short, I think you could reinvent yourself.”

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