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Lakeview coffee shop, Coffee, Hip-Hop & Mental Health, on hunt for a new home – WLS-TV

CHICAGO (WLS) — A Chicago hip-hop musician that is helping fund mental health services, while also combating food insecurity on the South Side with his coffee shop, is on the hunt for a new location after being opened for less than a year.

Christopher LeMark opened the doors to Coffee, Hip-Hop & Mental Health in November 2020, with the goal to educate and fund mental health services. Every cup of brew helps people from the South Side get into therapy.

After a little less than a year of opening the shop, LeMark said they are looking for a new home.

“We hit a bump in the road. We have been trying to get a new lease with management but due to a non-compete clause we had to move,” LeMark said.

According to the landlord, the coffee shop only had a temporary arrangement to occupy the space.

LeMark said they’ve created a text campaign to help with the move and construction of the coffee shop. He hopes to raise $50,000.

Coffee, Hip-Hop and Mental Health plan to stay in the Lakeview area, a place LeMark said has taken them in.

“We built this thing on a collection of stories, right. And so everybody’s story matters, the entire city matters. This is why we have to remain open,” said LeMark.

For more information, visit the coffee shop’s website chhamh.org.

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