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Lil Wayne Drops Delirious Video Complete With Scary Baby for ‘Mama Mia’: Watch – Billboard

If you’ve ever wondered what it looks like in Lil Wayne‘s head as he works through a track, the “Mama Mia” music video offers a pretty direct connection between his wild imagination and his rhymes.

On Saturday (March 7), Weezy released the visual for the cut off his Funeral album (which was his fifth to reach No. 1 on the Billboard 200 albums chart). “Mama Mia” features him and a crew of dancers acting out his various lines with creepy, and sometimes downright spooky, accuracy. It’s as if he’s performing “Mama Mia” before an audience, and his backdrop is a pitch black field with a spotlight that follows him through the verses as props and figures round out the image.

He spits “These n—-s talkin’ too much s–t/I’m about to find a good plumber,” and the dancers are suddenly working a step with plungers (yes, plungers) in hand. He mentions Harry Potter’s wizarding school (“I’m a wizard with the muhf–ka like I went to Hogwartz”) and suddenly they’re donning glasses and waving wands. “This life is a movie, you died in the movie / I write and produce it, I cried as I view it”: three Waynes watch a melodramatic scene through the viewfinder of a camera as the scene unfolds, and each of them are sitting in their respective director’s, producer’s and writer’s chairs.

At the mention of a baby mama and baby, a gorgeous mother appears with quite possibly the creepiest animated baby in her arms, who proceeds to deliver the song’s title. It’s a trip, start to finish, and one that ends with a bright red casket surrounded by licking flames.

Watch Lil Wayne’s “Mama Mia” below.

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