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Lions to park IT help in RV outside GM’s house during NFL draft – ESPN

Detroit Lions general manager Bob Quinn said the team’s director of information technology, Steve Lancaster, will be stationed in a Winnebago in the driveway of Quinn’s house for all hours of the three-day NFL draft.

Lancaster will be on hand to troubleshoot any technical issues that could arise throughout this week’s draft, which is being held remotely due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Quinn’s in-house setup has a television to the right of him, three monitors to the left, two laptops, a home phone, two cell phones, a separate “huge” draft phone and a printer. All of his draft boards and needs boards are going to be screen-shared and also printed out for him.

“Then we’ll have redundancies on everything,” Quinn said Friday. “We’ll have at my house and Coach [Matt] Patricia’s house, redundancies for internet, redundancies for power, redundancies for phones, so I would say our IT department, like I mentioned a few minutes ago, they’ve done an outstanding job of setting us up. I feel really good about the setup; I feel confident that it’s going to work.”

Lancaster will go home each night and return to the RV for the draft’s resumption.‬

Representatives from every NFL team went through a dry run of the draft Monday morning with a two-round practice session. There were some early technical issues, which included a 2 ½-minute delay for the Cincinnati Bengals to make the first pick, a source told ESPN’s Adam Schefter. Earlier reports had the delay as much longer.

There also was an issue with too many people on the call not using a mute function.

ESPN’s Michael Rothstein contributed to this report.

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