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Love and Hip Hop’s Cisco and Peter Gunz Brawl Over Amina Buddafly – The Source

Looks like there’s beef between Love and Hip Hop New York’s, “Creep Squad.” In the season finale of the show, Peter, Cicso, and Rich Dollaz got together to lay everything out on the table. Things went left when Rich decided to ask Cisco, “When are you gonna tell this n*gga that Amina stayed at your house last Super Bowl?”

Peter kept his cool but began to speculate the reason that he was left out of the loop if “nothing happened” as stated. “Let me ask you this, so I can call your baby moms right now and tell her come stay with me for the weekend? Cause I can do that you know I can,” said Peter.

Cisco gives a brief warning to Peter insisting that he doesn’t cross that line to speak on the mother of his children. Peter obviously didn’t care because he continued on with his statement. As Peter continued before you know it punches were in the air between the two former friends.

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