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“Me Meeting Jay-Z!”: Former Chicago Bulls Player Elaborates on the Advantage of Being Friends With Michael Jordan – Essentially Sports

Former Chicago Bulls player Jamal Crawford was one of those youngsters who got the opportunity to get along with the legendary Michael Jordan.

In a recent appearance on the Bulls Talk Podcast, Crawford recalled how his relationship with Jordan panned out. He initially couldn’t believe his ears when his father told him that Jordan liked his game.

“When I was in college going through the draft process my dad was like, ‘Hey Michael Jordan loves your game. I’m like- dad?” Crawford added, “This is before social media; this is before any of that so I’m like, ‘Dad, get out of here. There’s no way you can know that Michael Jordan likes my game.’”

As Crawford started his NBA career with the Bulls in 2000, he soon got to meet MJ and practice with him. Over time, they had more workout sessions together and got along well. And as Crawford recalled, he would call everyone every morning just to tell them how amazed he was to work with Jordan.

As they went together for quite a while, Jordan would invite Crawford for his pickup basketball games. Crawford proudly recalled these games, saying he and Jordan were extremely dominant.

“When I say we didn’t lose, it wasn’t like we didn’t lose that whole day and they got the series, like, we didn’t lose one single game in two years. It was unbelievable. We beat everybody.”

Jamal Crawford played in a commercial alongside Michael Jordan

Crawford later also met Jay-Z. Further, he famously played the role of junior Jordan in a Gatorade commercial.

“That kind of went into me meeting Jay-Z. Imagine getting so tight with Michael Jordan you’re like ‘Hey I wanna meet Jay-Z and he’s like ‘OK,’ and he makes it happens like that. It was unbelievable. Going to his house, working out with him, him picking me to be in the commercial with him to play the young Jordan.”

“All of those things…incredible,” Crawford said as it would be for any player.

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