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Meghan Trainor: ‘Magazines won’t airbrush me now – they don’t even hide my shapewear’ – The Guardian

I’ve never loved my body more than I did in this outfit – I looked banging. It’s by Christian Siriano and I wore it to his show in New York last year – the first fashion show I’d been to. I loved that there were all different kinds of women and men on the catwalk, so many shapes and sizes. I’d also never worn pants with a cape before, so I felt like a superhero. And I didn’t have to wear a bra – win win win win win.

This look is way more “me” than the outfits I wore in the All About That Bass video. I said at the time that I mostly wear black, but they said: “Cool, we’re going to do pastels.” I had no management then, so I was like: “OK, but it’s just like a costume, right?” It wasn’t super-clear, so that was a little frustrating. This look is an example of how I now have a say and know who I am.

I was 19 when I signed a record deal and I had no idea how to dress myself. I was all Forever 21 – my audition look was a backwards hat and hoops, leopard-print leggings, a lot of black eyeliner and no makeup on my eyebrows. So I’ve learned a lot.

My style is comfortable, but I also love when outfits show off my curves. I want to look and feel hot. For a long time, I wore baggy clothes and leggings; I felt insecure and I didn’t know how to dress my body. I’m still learning what looks awesome on me – it’s a dangerous game of expensive clothes. I love the Kardashians and what they wear. I’m also really into Stella McCartney – I went to her London store and it felt like the future.

Nowadays, magazines won’t airbrush me – they don’t even hide when I’m wearing shapewear. I think my songs said something really loud about that. I don’t know how to squeeze my body using [the photo-editing app] FaceTune – I had someone on my team that would try and do that for me and I would say: I look crazy, please go back. My body is my body on my ’gram – it’s not squished or anything.

Meghan Trainor’s album Treat Myself and the single Nice To Meet Ya are out now

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