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Miami Dolphins draft depends on what Lions do or want – PhinPhanatic

The Miami Dolphins sit at five in the NFL Draft order but many believe that they will package draft picks to move up with the Lions.

On the other side of that coin, the Detroit Lions are sitting with the third overall selection in a draft where the top guy they want can be had at picks five or six. Naturally, the Miami Dolphins are in play to move up for that pick.

The overall draft consensus from media members is that this year’s NFL Draft begins at pick three when the Lions are on the clock. While the Dolphins and Chargers are the two most likely teams to try and move up, there could be more teams willing to make that leap.

The Trade Option

Many believe that the Lions will trade out of three and frankly I see no way they stay there. The Lions are not in the market for a quarterback and are not in dire need of a top offensive tackle. Moving back to five or six still allows them to draft the top cornerback if they desire or LB hybrid Isaiah Simmons and still net some draft picks in return.

There is a growing belief that the number three pick may not net compensation that normally might be expected for the very reason that was stated above. Unless the Chargers or the Dolphins covet one of the two top QB’s over the other by a big margin, they will both have their shot at one or the other.

This means that the Lions may accept less than the value and that could bring a team like the Jaguars into the mix but I doubt the Lions will want to drop that far. A trade with Miami or Los Angeles makes sense.

Make the Pick Option

The Lions need secondary help in a bad way but who are they going to take at three overall? No one really considers Jeff Okudah a top-three player but does it really matter if they think of him as a top-five or six? Of course, it doesn’t. There is also a growing league-wide media lean towards corner C.J. Henderson. Henderson, in some eyes, could be a better NFL player. Good enough to go number three? Doubtful.

The Lions have another option and that is defensive tackle Derrick Brown. Brown is almost universally mocked to the Panthers at pick seven but he is considered by some to be the best DT in this year’s draft and the Lions could use help along the defensive trench. It might be a little high for the Lions.

The Isaiah Simmons Option

Detroit needs versatility on defense and it is clear that they will be targeting defensive players early in the draft. Yes, Simmons is likely to be there at five, see the Lions first option above, but if they can’t work out a trade, there is no reason to let Simmons slide. If they want him, draft him.

These are the Lion’s best options for Thursday night.

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