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N.H. woman says she was paralyzed after being allegedly assaulted at Pitbull concert – Boston.com


“He punched me right under the jaw. I flew back about 5 feet…it was like I was in one of those superhero movies.”

A New Hampshire woman was left paralyzed after she was allegedly assaulted while attending a Pitbull concert at the Bank of New Hampshire Pavilion on Sunday night.

Maddy Audet, 22, went to the show with three friends, and met up with her sister and her sister’s roommates, The Boston Globe reported.

Audet didn’t get to enjoy much of the concert. She told the Globe Pitbull was playing his third song when she heard a woman accuse one of her sister’s roommates of stealing a drink, and stepped in to deescalate the situation by offering to buy the woman a drink.

Maddy Audet, 22, was left paralyzed after she was allegedly assaulted at a Pitbull concert on Sunday. – (Nick Ford)

“I went in between them and said, ‘hey it’s not a big deal,’ we’ll buy her another drink,” Audet told the Globe on a call from the hospital. “Apparently this guy didn’t like what I said.”

Audet said a man climbed over three seats to get to her and punched her with an uppercut that knocked her out. Witnesses later told her a woman assaulted her after she’d gone down.

“He punched me right under the jaw. I flew back about 5 feet…it was like I was in one of those superhero movies,” she said. “There was a girl on top of me, whaling me in the head four or five times.”

Audet was taken to Concord Hospital and hasn’t had feeling in her legs since.

“Right now I can’t feel anything from the waist down,” she said.

Audet was transferred to Tufts Medical Center on Thursday. Her older brother, Nicholas Ford, posted in a GoFundMe set up to help her with expenses that Concord Hospital had “done all they can” and the family is hopeful Tufts will get them some answers.

“Maddy is now in the hospital without any feeling or movement below her waist,” Ford wrote. “Our family would appreciate anything that could help as she has 4 dogs and her apartment to worry about.”

Audet, a recent graduate of Keene State College, was working as a veterinary technician and applying to veterinary school. She told the Globe her applications are due in a couple of weeks, and she’s working towards her dream of becoming an orthopedic veterinary surgeon. 

Though no arrests have been made, the Gilford police are investigating the incident. Anyone with information, or who saw what happened, should call the department at 603-527-4737.

“We take these things seriously,” Deputy Chief Kristian J. Kelley told the Globe. “Our investigators are out working as we speak. We do have some leads.”

Read the full story at the Boston Globe.

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