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New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo Claims 4,159 COVID-19 Deaths, But Indicates That It Could Be “A Plateau” – Deadline

There’s a terrible COVID-19 death toll in New York state. But Governor Andrew Cuomo suggested that his area may be hitting the disease’s apex and could begin leveling out.

That’s not necessarily great news. Rather than a sharp peak and then a drop, the plateau may linger, Cuomo suggested.

“The apex could be a plateau and we could be on that plateau now,” he said, adding the trajectory would be clearer in a few days.

On Sunday, Cuomo said 594 more New York deaths had occurred, a total which actually represented a decline from Saturday’s toll of 630 fatalities, the worst day yet. New hospitalizations also dropped by half to 574, compared to 1,095 on Saturday. That’s also down from the 1,427 recorded on Friday.

Approximately 4,159 New Yorkers have now died from the pandemic out of 122,031 confirmed cases, Cuomo said. “The coronavirus is truly vicious and effective,” he said. “It’s an effective killer.”

The dip below 600 new hospitalizations is the first time since March 22 that’s been achieved. .

“That’s partially a function of more people being discharged,” he said. “And that’s great news.”

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