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See Cardi B’s Hilarious Reaction to Viral Remix of Her Coronavirus Rant – Billboard

Cardi B outspoken personality has transformed her into a viral queen, and the rapper’s latest social media rant is no different.

After she shared her thoughts on the coronavirus pandemic in a series of Instagram PSAs, her fans quickly transformed them into an incredibly catchy song.

Titled “Cardi B ‘Coronavirus (Sh-t Is Real!)’ Remix,” the tune brilliantly splices Cardi’s words — “Government, government, government. You wanna know something? I know s–t getting real” — into a mix that’s ready for the clubs. And now, the rapper is now thinking to make it official.

“I might as well do a damn music video,” she exclaimed on Monday (March 16) in reaction to a video of the song playing in a Rio De Janeiro club. “I’m boutta tell Atlantic to put this song on Spotify,” she continued in reference to her record label.

While many are taking a lighthearted approach to the coronavirus, the pandemic continues to grow more serious. More than 174,000 people have contracted the virus, which has led to self-quarantining, citywide shutdowns and increasing cancellations of live events and tours.

Click here to stay updated on how it is affecting the music industry, and view Cardi B’s Twitter reactions below.


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