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Someone Started A Twitter For Dr. Eileen De Villa’s Scarves – Narcity

There’s a new fashion scarf in town and no, it’s not Serge Ibaka’s. Toronto’s Medical Officer of Health is giving the Raptor a run for his money. Dr. Eileen de Villa has spoken publicly over the last several days about Toronto’s COVID-19 response. One anonymous viewer is so impressed by her scarf collection that they decided to start an entire Twitter account for it.

“Appreciating Dr. Eileen de Villa’s fabulous scarfs,” reads the caption on the Twitter account, playfully named @de_scarf.

The first tweet the account shared was on March 18, going back to an appearance by de Villa on March 12. 

“Bold florals on the 12th,” reads the caption, with over 200 likes and 13 retweets.

“Statement stripes on this thursday afternoon,” reads another tweet and as de Villa steps away from the podium, another picture is added to the thread.

“Stepped away from the podium and hit us with the reveal: fringe!!!!” reads the hilarious response.

With 1,790 followers, we’re sure that there are people out there who are grateful for this much-needed entertainment while the city remains under a state of emergency.

The mastermind behind the hilarious account definitely seems to love scarves, even making sure to follow OG scarf connoisseur Serge Ibaka.



Although there’s no joke when it comes to recommendations from the medical officer, this does give us something to smile about as we practice social distancing and self-isolation. 


With so much extra time on our hands, we’re glad to see that some people have decided to use it for good. Like making us laugh and serenading the city with balcony opera shows.

As COVID-19 cases increase in Toronto, Dr. de Villa has addressed important measures like ordering bars, nightclubs and dine-in restaurants to close up for the time being.

The city is also pressuring all non-essential shops to close, like hair salons, clothing stores and other shops that don’t sell food products or medicine.


In the meantime, we have Netflix and Dr. de Villa’s fabulous accessories to keep us entertained.

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