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The Secret History of the Cartier Trinity Ring – Cartier Trinity Ring History Grace Kelly Old Hollywood – L’Officiel

Balanced proportions and clean lines embody a design vision that only a Cartier jeweler can achieve. Since its inception, the Cartier Trinity ring has teetered on the edge of jewelry and sculpture, positioning itself as the accessory of choice for male and female celebrities alike. Silver screen icons like Grace Kelly, Alain Delon, Romy Schneider, and Gary Cooper found this timeless object essential as it evoked an extension of their style.

The ring’s success is due not only to its impeccable design, but also to its powerful symbolism. The meaning of this interconnected ring awaits endless interpretations, from a gesture of familial affection to be inherited by generations to a symbol of unending friendship or the profession of eternal love. It’s easy to become attached to an object in which those poetic memories of life are imbued. Almost a century after its magnificent creation, its charm continues to hold strong.

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