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“There were extra-marital affairs, and overall sexual misconduct between Dell and Sonya Curry”: Further… – The Sportsrush

Stephen Curry’s parents Dell and Sonya Curry’s divorce is starting to become an ugly one, as reports say the two have been hurling accusations at each other


Just yesterday, Stephen Curry’s parents, Dell and Sonya Curry had made the news after their divorce proceedings became public. Millions of fans around the world were shocked, and many were even distraught at the prospect of it all. And justifiably so.

Until now, the Curry family had looked like the perfect one, with everybody seeming selfless, and unequivocally dedicated to everyone else. The wholesome vibes they all brought while coming to both Steph’s and Seth’s games were adored by all NBA fans. But, it seems things aren’t always as rosy as they seem.

When the news first came out, the only thing that was revealed, was that the ex-couple had practiced a year of trial separation. And apparently, since both parties had adjusted well to it, they both had amicably chosen to move towards divorce.

We all thought and hoped this meant this whole process will be a clean one for the family. Unfortunately, there have been new reports on this situation, and they suggest the complete opposite.

Let us explain.

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New reports reveal that Dell Curry and Sonya Curry have thrown accusations of infidelity at each other, as thoughts have immediately gone out to Seth and Stephen Curry

Yes, infidelity, or rather the accusation of it, is reportedly the crux behind the whole matter.

First, it was Sonya Curry, who filed for divorce, with the reasoning of ‘marital misconduct’. She claimed that the former Hornets player had had affairs with multiple women outside of the marriage. She even said it was hardly a secret amongst their close family.

On the other side of things, Dell Curry had similar accusations about Sonya. He filed his documents with the reasoning that his former wife had performed ‘’acts of illicit sexual misconduct’, and even accused her of staying with another man during his NBA career.

Sonya Curry denied all of this, saying that the only relationship she had gotten into with another man was only after they had decided to separate in March 2020.

As of now, this is all that is known about the case. But messy doesn’t begin to define it.

We hope that Seth and Stephen Curry can take all the time they need to recover from this mentally. And we sincerely wish the family the best, and hope for their well-being.

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