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“Three Rounds!”-Justin Gaethje Gives an Ultimatum on Fight Against Tony Ferguson – Essentially Sports

Justin Gaethje seems confident of his UFC 249 fight against Tony Ferguson. Gaethje agreed to fight Ferguson amidst the coronavirus pandemic on short notice. But he believes Ferguson will face “18 to 19 minutes of pure hell” in their lightweight bout at UFC 249.

Speaking ahead of the fight in an Instagram session with Brett Okamoto of ESPN, Gaethje said: “When I train for a fight, I really go to a special place every single day. I do not cheat. I wake up with a goal in mind: to be better than yesterday. The more days you can do that in a row, the more prepared you will be. 

For me, it’s always that mental warfare. Confidence is huge in there. If you haven’t prepared, then you can’t be confident—or as confident as you should be.”

Justin Gaethje believes the fight against Tony Ferguson might finish within three rounds

UFC president Dana White, rather surprisingly, announced that the UFC 249 will take place on April 18 at a location that he is yet to disclose. However, he changed the main event to a fight between Gaethje and Ferguson. While Gaethje agreed to fight on a short notice, he admitted that he won’t be at his absolute best by April 18, but he guesses he’ll be about “95 percent”.

“My fights, either I get finished or they get finished inside three rounds,” Gaethje added. “A matchup like this, with me and Tony Ferguson, one of us is going to finish the other inside three rounds.”



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