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Thumbs down to Sandy Alderson’s handling of Mets players – New York Daily News

Mets brass could have left it there, publicly. Baez and Kevin Pillar, two of the players who did the thumbs-down, will probably be gone after the season. (Both were questionable acquisitions by Alderson’s front office, which deserves plenty of blame and scrutiny for the team’s on-field collapse.) A third, Francisco Lindor, is only the franchise cornerstone and undisputed clubhouse leader; his ten-year, $341 million extension hasn’t even kicked in yet. But the stench of toxicity and incompetence that was supposedly aired out of the room when the Wilpons sold the team hasn’t quite cleared yet. The front office has been engulfed in persistent sexual harassment scandals since Steve Cohen bought the team, a familiar story at Cohen-owned businesses. Last month, acting general manager Zack Scott, attempting to blame the players for their nonstop injuries, essentially admitted that the Mets’ performance staff couldn’t get the players to follow along with its plans to keep them healthy. So maybe it shouldn’t have been surprising when, hours after Baez aired his frustrations, team president Sandy Alderson put out a starchy statement defending the purported honor of Mets fans.

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