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ToneCold Steve Austin x MariBoy Mula Mar x STR8 DROP x Official Music Video x Famous Motion Films

STR8 DROP Official Music Video – ToneCold Steve Austin x MariBoy Mula Mar x Famous Motion Films x Prod. By Vell Choppo

Website: https://ToneCold.com
Instagram: https://Instagram.com/ToneColdStunna
Facebook: https://Facebook.com/ToneColdBRB
Features: Brbent57@gmail.com – SnapChat: Tone_BRB
Spotify: https://play.spotify.com/artist/0BoXchrA26DNR2WJpRtFwD?play=true&utm_source=open.spotify.com&utm_medium=open

Lyrics: Hook: Straight drop / hit a bitch fuck up her lace front / niggas talk tufff but don’t want none / work so fire they gone keep coming / straight drop str8 drop /

Verse: i just hit a bitch with the fentanyl dick / made her scream whoo i got flair like rick aye / nigga tried to kill me but his gun went click aye / now nobody know where that pussy nigga is aye / i might fuck his bitch blow a bag on his kids aye / i don’t eat pork but I’ll take a nigga ribs aye / pills got him geek he can’t close his eyelids aye / Nigga ain’t no cap i don’t even shop at lids aye / get it how i live cause we living just to die / niggas been bitches whole time they been alive / i just pulled up / cluck finna come outside / i ain’t even park it i just left the whip in drive / i never did a line / but i keep a fresh linen / my bitch caught me lying / like sim a I’m a lion / seen some dirty birds but it wasn’t Matt Ryan / pressure bust pipes and that’s all I’m applying / niggas do the crime get caught start crying / i got straight drop so they can’t stop buying / bought some ice skates for the opps I’m finna slide down / 1800 Pussy who u gonna call now /

Mula Mar Verse: I’m a fuck around and invest in this bitch some bundles / hold on let me call you back I’m losing signal riding through this tunnel / clown like Ronald / meal on my line like Mc Donald’s / shooting shit up like a video make a bitch nigga go viral / my niggas push buttons like pianos / I’m The Godfather no sopranos / balenciaga runners these not lace ups / can’t get a nigga back wet his face up / kidnap her wrist her body snatched / my dogs yea they attack / all these damn zaza packs / look like a bunch of party packs / i speak life facts lil nigga this is more than rap / one question why you flip on me like a acrobat / glizzy with the switch automatic / when i see yo ass boy it is automatic / first of all you know we cut from a different fabric / leave your burger ass smoked like a beef patty /


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