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UAW, Big 3 negotiate partial shutdowns of plants among other coronavirus protection measures – ABC 12 News

MID-MICHIGAN (WJRT) (03/17/2020) – After spending hours in talks, the UAW and Detroit’s Big Three automakers (GM, Ford, and FCA) have reached a decision on protecting their workforce.

The United Auto Workers bargained for some coronavirus protection measures from the Detroit Three automakers, including partial plant shutdowns.

The union pressed the Detroit Three for a two-week closing of all plants, but there will be a partial shutdown instead, so the plants can be deep cleaned.

A statement from the UAW says, “All three companies have agreed to review and implement the rotating partial shutdown of facilities, extensive deep cleaning of facility and equipment between shifts, extended periods between shifts, and extensive plans to avoid member contact. They will be working on shift rotation to minimize risk. The companies have also agreed to work with us in Washington, D.C., on behalf of our members as we manage the disruption in the industry.”

One plant worker says he’s already doing his part to stay safe while on the job.

“You practice your safe practices. I wash my hands probably fifty times a day. I use the sanitizing wipes to wipe off the work stations. You kind of stay away from people. I don’t shake hands anymore. You keep your distance,” UAW Local 598 member Kevin Logan said.

In the meantime, the union says they’ll continue prioritizing their members.

“Our main preface right now is keeping our members safe. We’re doing the right things: following the CDC protocols, hand washing, social distancing, hand sanitizers, everything else, and preaching to try to not panic,” UAW Local 659 President Steve Gruener said.

The UAW says they expect more details to be released on Wednesday, so stick with ABC12 as we continue to gather details on this developing story.

To read the full release from the UAW, you can locate the website in the “Related Links” section of this page.

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