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Viral video nails Cardinals fans’ reaction to DeAndre Hopkins trade – Arizona Sports

DeAndre Hopkins #10 of the Houston Texans celebrates in the endzone after an interference flag against Byron Jones #31 of the Dallas Cowboys in the fourth quarter at NRG Stadium on October 7, 2018 in Houston, Texas. (Photo by Tim Warner/Getty Images)

Do you remember how you reacted when you found out the Houston Texans had agreed to trade for former Arizona Cardinal running back David Johnson?

How about when the next piece of the trade started breaking — that the Cardinals were getting back wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins in return?

Whether you remember or not, social media personality Cameron Magruder probably reenacted it accurately.

Magruder has gained more than 175,000 Twitter followers primarily through his videos in which he dons different NFL team gear and reacts like the fans. He’s typically a solid and funny follow — and on this rendition, he absolutely nailed it.

Tune in at 1:20 in which he first appears in a Texans shirt.

“You traded DeAndre Hopkins? No. no. We didn’t. We didn’t.” Magruder then pauses as the music amps up. “WE TRADED DEANDRE HOPKINS?”

After some angry yelling that included a call to fire Texas head coach and general manager Bill O’Brien, the camera cuts to Magruder in a Cardinals shirt.

An ecstatic yell pierces the sound system: “WE GOT DEANDRE HOPKINS!?”

Then, after the recognition hits that the Texans didn’t just trade Hopkins but also took on Johnson’s full contract, Magruder lets out a shriek that we don’t know how to type out.

But there’s a decent chance you emitted something similar.

Magruder flips back to the Texans character lamenting about his fandom, and then the camera moves back to him in the Cardinals shirt.

It’s just a guy laughing on his couch. Absolutely a familiar site.

Back to the Texans fan.

Then back to the Cardinals guy, who’s still cackling.

Raise your hand if you said any of the following quotes Magruder follows that laugh with:

  • “This is the best day of my life.”
  • “Why would they do that?
  • “Bill O’Brien. I love you.”
  • “I want to get a Bill O’Brien jersey.”
  • “We stole from them. The best receiver in the game.”

Then, more of that squeal noise we don’t know how to spell.

He follows it with a phone call, presumably to a friend who’s a Cardinals fan, in which he’s laughing some more: “We’re going to win the Super Bowl. I don’t care what anyone says.

“Hold up, I gotta call my Texan friends, make sure they’re still alive.”

It’s all incredibly accurate, though we would like to make one critique: “The best receiver in the game?” The Cardinals already had that guy before the trade. But Arizona sure is happy the team added the next-best, too.

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