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Wiz Khalifa & Snoop Dogg Are Smoking Out Coronavirus With the Kush Up Challenge – Billboard

A new challenge is smoking up the competition on Instagram. It all started with people challenging each other to a Push Up Challenge amid coronavirus quarantine — and then things got hazy.

Sparked by Gillie Da Kid, the Kush Up Challenge consists of taking in 10 pulls of weed without letting out any smoke in-between. Gillie completed the task without a hitch and then sought weed aficionados such as Wiz Khalifa, Snoop Dogg, G-Herbo and more to topple his effort.

G-Herbo struggled mightily and was unable to complete the challenge, while Jim Jones raised the ante with his impressive feat. Rather than take in 10 pulls, he held in his smoke for 20 seconds while his girlfriend teased him in the background.

“Yal playin th game wrong,” Jones wrote on Instagram. “This game originated in th Bay Area shout out to Blegit who was smokin gas back in 1997 when me n @mr_camron took our first trip to th BAy Told us they play a game called 10for20 take 10 pulls hold it for 20 seconds.”

Snoop breezed through the challenge by knocking out another set of 10 while Wiz promoted his Tyga-assisted single “Contact” during his take.

Check out some of the challenges below.

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