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YourShow.Live Announces Upcoming Livestream Hip-Hop Winter Concert to Get the Base Thumping and Hearts Pumping – ‘Old Skool Remix,’ Presented by Sexy Wings Sports Bar – PRNewswire

NEW YORK, Feb. 5, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — YourShow.Live recently announced its latest livestream concert, set for Wednesday, February 17th at 6 p.m. EST – with full-concert access for $20. “Old Skool Remix” is presented by Sexy Wings Sports Bar and will feature a variety of hip-hop legends and contemporaries like Rob Base, Grandmaster Melle Mel, Soulsonic Force, and DJ KYS (Whiteboy). Despite the pandemic, YourShow.Live’s innovative platform continues to help the biggest names in music and entertainment bring their live shows to restaurants, bars, clubs, homes, and concert enthusiasts everywhere.

Old Skool Remix: Featured Artists

  • Rob Base: Originally from Harlem, Rob Base is best known for his 1988 top-40 hit single “It Takes Two,” from the eponymous platinum album. Along with the late DJ E-Z Rock, Rob Base is one of the pioneering musicians who helped take rap from the street and underground scene and turn it into a popular, crossover success.
  • Grandmaster Melle Mel: Another important pioneer, Melle Mel is the lead vocalist and songwriter of Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five, and an American hip-hop icon. He was the first to dub himself an “MC” – Master of Ceremonies.
  • Soulsonic Force: Originally from New York and led by Afrika Bambaataa, Soulsonic Force helped create electro-funk, and established hip-hop music as a genre in the early 1980s with songs like “Planet Rock.” They also ushered in electrofunk as a musical dance style, and are responsible for the genesis of the Miami bass (booty music) sensation.
  • DJ KYS (White Boy): Coming from a long tradition of spinning and mixing at clubs and parties, DJ KYS continues to represent the rich history of contemporary hip-hop as an artform – seamlessly blending beats, tunes, lyrics, sounds and songs into a lush musical tapestry for live and virtual audiences across the country. 

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About YourShow.Live – Keeping the Music Alive

Since the advent of COVID-19, many musicians and performers are no longer able to hold live shows at physical venues around the country – so they have had to adapt. YourShow.Live works directly with legendary performers to bring great shows and exceptional concerts right into the comfort of your home using its proprietary platform. YourShow.Live connects the hearts and souls of the world’s greatest performing artists directly with their fans. Learn more at: www.YourShow.Live.

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