Rated R Miami

Rated R Miami was started in 2016 By Big Wil Blanfort.  Rated R Miami was created to change radio as we know it.  Mainstream radio has been following the same basic platform for decades.  They play top 40 no mater the genre, and mix in some oldies from the genre they specialize in.  There is no room for anything outside of mainstream radio’s spectrum.  For them, they figure if it doesn’t make dollars then it doesn’t make sense.  So with mainstream radio using that way of thinking, what happens to the unsigned artist?  What happens to small businesses that can’t afford big budget advertising?   Mainstream radio doesn’t make room for unsigned artists UNTIL they have a large buzz and following around them, and if you’re a small business good luck with getting their on-air talent to do a commercial for you within your budget.  
Rated R Miami was founded with the idea of helping artists, and small businesses get what they need to help them succeed.  If your an unsigned artist we will play your music for FREE!  We also interview artists so people get to know you and your music.  If your a small business we WILL save you thousands on advertising cost from day one!  We provide several different platforms to also advertise your business on at no extra charge!  We have a network of over 50k followers across our platforms, you will be seen and heard!  
Rated R Miami is an internet based radio station and the name of the station says it all.  As we like to say, “This is grown folks business and grown folks conversation”.  We are live and uncut, we say whatever is on our minds 24-7, and we say it with our chest.  We give you what the other stations can’t. Real live commentary with unapologetic delivery.  We bring you the very best music from mainstream and unsigned artists.  Professional ads for all business’s.  On-air hosts that bring you comedy, engaging convo from all ranges of topics. No topic is off limits.  All forms of live and remote events.  
“Hold up tho”.  On this same app, Rated R Miami will also be bringing you Rated R TV!  So not only do you get complete radio coverage, but TV programming as well.  Coming soon will be The NAB sports show, Rated R Top 10 video show, Cap Or No Cap, Real Talk Real Feelings, Sak Pase, A Dating Show, The Cat house, Rated R After Dark, and a host of other shows.  We are a 1 stop shop for entertainment!  So come in, sit down, chill, and get ready to take this ride!!